what to do if your baby sleeps on your mattress

What to Do if Your Baby Sleeps on Your Mattress

There are a variety of things you can do to protect your baby from bedbugs.

Here are some suggestions:1.

Take a bath.2.

Put out the fire.3.

Put the baby in a crib.4.

Put a bedding mat in the room.5.

Put on a hat and wear gloves.6.

Use a good bedside book to write down your baby’s habits.7.

Check your baby to make sure he or she is comfortable in a sleeping bag or blanket.8.

Put down the bed for the night and let your baby sleep in it for several nights.9.

Keep the door closed for the first few nights to help keep bedbugs at bay.10.

Take baby clothes out of the washing machine and use them to cover up the crib or mattress.11.

Use baby wipes or a wet wipes to wipe up bedbugs if possible.12.

If you are going camping, bring your baby a sleeping pad.13.

If your baby is getting sick from bedbug bites, make sure to wash your baby regularly and get rid of the bedding or blanket as soon as possible.14.

If bedbugs are spreading in your home, use bleach and soap to get rid.15.