why you should be excited about mattress pads from next big

Why You Should Be Excited About Mattress Pads from Next Big

We love to love the latest technology, and this time around, the new mattresses from NextBig have us in a raucous mood.

We love them because they are so lightweight and durable, and they’re so easy to clean.

In fact, we think the only reason you’ll have to throw away your old ones is because they’re really easy to wash and sanitize.

The new mattress pads are from NextBoom, and the company has some pretty impressive specs.

The mattresses are made from a lightweight, air-resisting polyester that’s made of 100% recycled materials, and all of the seams are sewn in and secured with velcro.

The mattress pads are water-resistant up to 30 feet, and are also made from air-resistant, water-repellent materials.

The pads have been designed to last up to seven years.

The company also says that they’re very easy to maintain.

The padding has a matte finish that gives them an even appearance when it’s wet, and it comes in three sizes, from a 5- to a 10-foot-tall pad.

The cushions are also very soft, which is important for those with dry skin.

The mats are priced at $299.99 and are available in two colors.

We also got to try the new pillow case from NextBox.

It looks like a combination of a pair of pillows and a sleeping bag, and there’s a nifty foam insert to keep you from falling asleep on the floor.

The NextBox mattress is available now for $199.99.

It’s available in four sizes, and can be used on the same side as your pillow or on a bed side.

The pillow has a removable, soft foam pad for a perfect place to lay down if you want to get out of bed.

It comes with a handy foam mat and a removable foam pad, and a built-in shower curtain.

The bed is also designed to fit in a standard 2-by-4-foot space, so if you’re looking for something a little larger for a bedroom, there’s nothing to worry about.

The price for the mattress pad and bed are $99.99 each.