truck bed mattress sells for 1 4m in minneapolis

Truck bed mattress sells for $1.4M in Minneapolis

Twin Air mattress, truck bed mattress sell for $945,000 in Minneapolis, according to an auction report from Fox News.

The seller is The New Yorker, an online retailer that specializes in luxury goods.

The mattress sold for $2,000 on Friday at a New York City auction house.

A spokesperson for Twin Air said the seller was a private seller and that the auction house had no contact with the seller.

The mattress was the second-highest-selling item in the auction, behind the $2.1 million New York Dolls mattress.

Twin Air has an online store, where the company sells its furniture, and a store in Manhattan.

A representative for The New York Times, which owns The New Yorkers online store that sold the mattress, said the company did not know the identity of the seller and would not be making any further comment on the sale.

The New York Dorms mattress is one of the most expensive items in the market.

It is priced at $2 million.

The New Jersey Dolls is priced in the $1 million to $2 mil range.