three new twin mattress dimensions for 2018

Three New Twin Mattress Dimensions for 2023

Three new mattress dimensions have been announced by TwinMattress UK, the brand behind the popular TwinMattresses, which offer a range of sizes from 36-42 inches (104-117 cm).

The company, which launched its new range in January, said that the new mattresses offer a higher density mattress than the existing range.

“With our new mattress sizes, we are making the most of the high quality of fabric that is used in the mattresses and the unique design of the mattress,” said CEO Peter Macnaughton.

“We are delivering high-quality mattresses that are comfortable and offer a lot of support for your back and shoulders.”

The mattresses will be available from August 2018 for £8.99 each.

“As a brand that’s about supporting people, we’re delighted to be able to offer a new range of mattresses in these new mattress sizes,” he said.

“The design of our mattresses are designed to help you achieve a high level of comfort and support for a wider range of people than we are currently offering.”

Our mattresses deliver a lot more support than other mattresses, but the range is just as well-balanced.

They offer a solid base, which can support a range in a comfortable range of size.

“The company says the new ranges will be the “first to go for high-density mattresses with a range over 42 inches, including 36 inches, 42 inches and 44 inches”.

The mattocks will be sold through a range from “regular” to “high density” and the “normal” range. “

These new mattocks offer a huge range in comfort and are designed with support for different sizes of people, so you can achieve the most comfort possible,” said Mr Macnoughton.

The mattocks will be sold through a range from “regular” to “high density” and the “normal” range.

The new mattress have been available since April 2018.

Mr Macloughton says that “our existing mattresses have not always been very strong and we’re very happy to be bringing these mattresses to market.”

He says the range will also include “slimming” mattresses for “more comfortable” use, with sizes from 46-52 inches (113-120 cm).

TwinMatts was founded in 2002 by a team of architects who were inspired by the comfort of a flat bed mattress.

“It’s a bit like a sofa, but a lot bigger and a lot heavier,” Mr MacNaughton said.

The company is based in Newcastle and has a warehouse in the city centre.

TwinMattres has also developed an app that allows users to “purchase” the mattres they want for £1.80 each, or £6.70 per mattress, at its website.

Twin Mattresses is the latest company to introduce a range that offers different sizes, with the latest range being available for £3.50.

The brand has also recently introduced a range which features a mattress with “sleeping mats” made from 100% recycled material.

“These are all very good quality products that are manufactured by people who know what they’re doing,” Mr McCurdy said.

He said TwinMattrs new range would offer a “new way of using mattresses”.

“The mattresses we’re introducing are the same size as our existing mattres, but are made with 100% natural fibre which means they’re very comfortable to use, and can support different types of people,” he added.

Twin mattresses can be ordered online at or at the Twin Mattres warehouse in Newcastle, where customers can pick them up for £2.80 for a 36-inch (108cm) mattress, £4.80 per 42-inch mattress or £8 for a 44-inch.