queen mattress sold for 5 9m at uk auction

Queen Mattress Sold for 5.9M at Uk Auction

A Queen mattress was sold for a record £5,974,976 in the latest auction of mattresses in Britain.

The company was formed by the former owners of the famous Royal Baby, which were given the rights to the Queen and her daughter Princess Charlotte.

The new Queen’s bed was bought for £12,700 in April in the first of four auctions held by the auction house.

It is not known whether the new mattress sold was bought by the family, who still own the Princess and the other four Princesses.

Queen’s bed sold for more than double the asking priceThe sale price was a record for the Queen’s new mattress, with a value of more than £7m.

It was bought in February for £9,500 and is one of the largest sales ever for a Queen mattress.

The queen’s new bed was designed by a team of British artists and is available to order now for £1,100 a pair.

It has a cushioned, double-bed design that includes a built-in double-row foam mattress and two twin mattress dimensions.

It also has a removable queen pillow that can be placed on the bedside table.

The mattresses have a royal motif on the outside, which is reminiscent of the Queen.

The Queen’s mattress has been used as a pillow for guests since 2013.