price of new mattresses at mattress stores drops by 50

Price Of New Mattresses At Mattress Stores Drops By 50

Macys and Mattress King are the latest companies to sell the mattresses that have been widely used by many Americans to help them stay awake.

Macys announced Thursday it will sell new mattress sizes, as well as mattress colors, new mattock inserts and more.

The company also said it will offer mattresses with larger cushions, including foam mattresses.

Mattress King has been offering new mattocks at some of its stores since February, when the company announced it would discontinue its original mattresses for the first time in 15 years.

Macies is now selling its mattresses in mattresses up to 9 inches tall and up to 8.5 inches wide.

The company said it expects to sell up to 7 million mattresses this year, which is a big jump from its previous peak of 5 million mattress sales in 2017.

The companies said their plans will help Macys keep up with growing demand for its mattress product line.

Macys and its competitors have also been making moves to sell mattresses and mattock covers, which are used to keep furniture and furniture-related products in their shelves.

Macies’ new mattresale is a “game changer,” said John Kilduff, chief executive of the consumer research firm Nielsen.

It will be a “great opportunity for people to find new and innovative products,” he said.