camping mattress toppers for sale online for a fraction of their retail price

Camping Mattress Toppers for Sale Online for a Fraction of Their Retail Price

A new type of mattress topping is coming to the market that combines durability and style.

The mattress tope is one of the newest additions to the mattress topped industry.

The toppers are made from premium polyester fabric and are designed for people with long-term health concerns, like heart and lung issues, and are not for the faint of heart.

The topper is manufactured by American Classic, Inc. The company, founded in 2003, has a long history in the mattress industry, having been started by two brothers who started Camping World in 1974 and have since expanded to over 100 brands.

They started Campfire and the American Classic brand. 

“Our goal is to be the one that brings the most value to our customers, with our best products and most durable, innovative and beautiful toppers available for every budget,” American Classic CEO, Todd Fink, said. 

American Classic is also working with Campfire to produce the new topper for $39.99. 

In addition to Campfire, American Classic has partnered with other brands to produce its own toppers, such as the Sleepy Hollow and The Good Sleep, and the new Campfire Topper is available for $49.99 with free shipping and $29.99 in store pickup.

The Campfire Sleepy hollow topper has a 6-year lifespan and is made from the same polyester that is used to make Campfire mattresses.

It features a durable, breathable cotton fabric that will last up to 3 months in the sun, as well as an anti-bacterial coating that is a better match for the moisture of the air than cotton.

The American Classic Sleepy has a 9-year longevity and is also made from polyester. 

Both the Campfire sleepy hollow and American Classic topper are made in America, with American Classic offering the best prices in the industry. 

The Sleepy Hills mattress topple has a 5-year lifetime, which is made out of polyester and has an anti the bacterial coating. 

There are no shipping charges and the topper costs $29, a price that is $10 cheaper than the Camping world topper.

Source: MarketWired