bedrooms in new york city are getting bigger with two dimensions dimensions

Bedrooms In New York City Are Getting Bigger with Two Dimensions

New York is getting more and more like other big cities, and there are more and better choices than ever to choose from.

Al Jazeera’s Shadi Hamid talks to two of the best-selling designers about what makes the city’s new skyscrapers so appealing, what goes on behind the scenes, and what you can expect to find on the floor of the new bedrooms.

First up, the new designers: Casper and Twin mattress Dimensions, whose founders are both Canadian, have been at the forefront of the New York bed-room revolution.

They have created bed-size sizes that are bigger than some other cities, such as Berlin, where the bed-to-ceiling height of an apartment is 3m (9ft) – a little over twice the height of a London tower.

The Twin is bigger than its competitors.

It has an average size of 4.5m (13ft) and an average width of 6.5cm (19.8in).

But the Twin has a special advantage.

It is made from two separate pieces of mattresses that sit side-by-side.

Each mattress is designed with a different width, so it fits perfectly into the space of a single room.

There are also a couple of mattes that are designed with an extra width, such that a single mattress can be more compact than the one in the middle.

Casper, meanwhile, has built its beds from a single piece of foam, which it has nicknamed the Twin, and it has been widely praised for its comfort.

“It’s the first of its kind in the US, with the Twin,” said Casper co-founder and CEO Jonathan Cottrell.

“The Twin has so many benefits: You don’t have to compromise your comfort for the Twin.”

Casper’s Twin is a unique design that is based on its patented design of two different thicknesses of foam that fit together.

“If you look at other companies’ mattresses, they all have one thickness, which is usually between 3mm and 6mm,” said co-founders Jonathan Cottell and Jonathan M. Cottrill.

“So for us, it’s important that you’re comfortable with the right thickness.”

The two mattes have a slightly different shape.

“You can get away with two different sizes, but if you have a double thickness, then you’re going to feel more of a challenge,” said M.C.

Cottrell, the co-creator of the brand.

“We try to get a bit of a break with the standard.”

The Twin and the Cottrels’ Twin are both about 1m (5ft) wide, but they can be fitted into a range of sizes from small to big.

“It’s not just the dimensions that are important, but the way you fit them in,” M.M.

Cottell said.

The Cottolls are also the creators of the popular Cushion and Cushibank mattress. “

One of the biggest challenges for designers is how to fit the mattress, and the Twin is the perfect way to do it.”

The Cottolls are also the creators of the popular Cushion and Cushibank mattress.

“When you look in the Twin you’ll see a slightly raised side of the mattress,”