amazon has bought the mattress cover company walmart for 775 million

Amazon Has Bought The Mattress Cover Company Walmart For 775 Million

The company that makes mattress covers for Walmart said it has bought Walmart, the nation’s largest mattress retailer.

Amazon, which has been growing rapidly in recent years, bought WalMart for $795 million in 2012.

The company, known for its online catalog, has been in talks with several other mattress retailers about buying them.

WalMart has long been a top contender for Amazon, but Amazon has been pushing hard to grow its business in the industry, with its Prime service.

The deal comes amid Amazon’s push to expand its mattress business, which it says is “about 30% of our total business.”

WalMart is known for producing high-quality mattresses and other mattresses with a more modern design.

The new deal comes after Amazon had been weighing a $600 million offer for its competitor Bed Bath & Beyond, which is owned by Bed Bath and Beyond.

Amazon and Bed Bath said last week they would consider a possible deal.

The deal is not a blockbuster acquisition for Amazon.

The online retailer said in December it had no plans to buy a mattress retailer, and analysts said the deal might not be a blockbuster.

The companies had been talking about the possibility of a sale.

Walmart said in a statement that it is “excited about the acquisition of Walmart’s mattress product portfolio and look forward to further collaborations as we continue to drive innovation.”

Amazon is expected to have about $100 billion in sales by 2020, up from about $70 billion in 2016.

This story has been updated to include a comment from WalMart.