a new mattress company to sell mattress made of recycled polyethylene the jerusalem times

A New Mattress Company to Sell Mattress Made of Recycled Polyethylene – The Jerusalem Times

New York-based company New York Bedroom Collective is planning to launch its first mattress in the next few months, according to a statement released Monday.

The company is making the product in partnership with a recycling company, and will sell it through its own website, the statement said.

The company plans to launch a retail outlet and also sell it at online retailers.

The product will include recycled polycarbonate and polyester fibers.

The statement did not specify which companies are partnering with the company.

It said that the company will launch a manufacturing facility for the new product, and the company is working with an engineering company to ensure the quality of the product.

New York Bedrooms Collective is the first company to offer a mattress made from recycled polyester, according in the statement.

The material is commonly used to make the mattresses of the 1960s and 1970s, the company said.

In February, New York bedrooms collective said it was selling the company’s first line of polyester mattresses to help raise money for its new manufacturing facility.

The new line of products is made from polyester and is a part of the company, the group said.

“This is a new way to make a mattress, which will make a big difference in the world of sustainable living,” the statement read.

“We’re working with a company that recycles and recycles material, and we are very excited about the product.”